9(c) Visa for Seafarers and Crew List

Definition of Seafarer

The term "seafarer" refers to any individual who, in good faith, has signed on the articles of a vessel arriving at a port in the Philippines from any foreign port, employed in any capacity on board such vessel, and seeking to enter the Philippines solely in pursuit of his calling as a seafarer, with the intention of departing with the vessel or reshipping on another vessel  that is bound for a foreign port.

Requirements for Individual Seafarers

  1. Passport of visa applicant must be valid for at least six (6) months after the applicant's expected stay in the Philippines;
  2. Photocopy of Seafarer's Book must be valid for at least (6) months after applicant's expected stay in the Philippines;
  3. Photocopy of passport, including the passport details page and all pages stamped by immigration authorities of countries already visited;
  4. Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form (FA Form No. 2A), duly accomplished and signed by applicant, plus one (1) photocopy of completed form;
  5. Two (2) colored 3.5cm x 4.5cm passport photos with plain background;
  6. Letter of Request from Shipping Company and/or the Captain or Master of the vessel, which should state duration of expected stay in the Philippines of the seafarer and onward travel particulars (e.g. same vessel, different vessel, next country of destination, etc.);
  7. Other documents as may be required by the Head of the Consular Section.

Crew List Visa

The master of a foreign-registered vessel (or aircraft) bound for the Philippines must ensure that all members of his crew are covered by a valid crew list visa issued by a Philippine consular officer.


A crew list visa is issued for all foreign members of the crew of a foreign-registered vessel (or aircraft) bound for the Philippines.


Each member of the crew submits the same individual requirements as above, but the master shall submit a duly accomplished crew list visa form (FA Form No. 61).


Application for a crew list visa may be done by an authorized representative of the vessel or by a shipping agent.