9(e) Visa for Foreign Government Officials including their Family Members and Attendants

The term foreign government official refers to an accredited officer of a foreign government recognized by the Philippines, who is a citizen of the country or government represented, and who is proceeding to the Philippines on official government business. This category includes:

  • officials of the United Nations (UN) and its specialized agencies who are traveling to the Philippines on business of the UN or at the request or invitation of the Philippine government;
  • officials of institutions duly accorded the status of official international organizations, such as the Asian Development Bank; and
  • officials coming to the Philippines for training, study, or as exchange professors


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the Head of the Diplomatic Mission or International Organization which has direct authority over the concerned official, may send a note verbale to the Consular Section of the Embassy to request for the issuance of a 9(e) visa for a qualified government official.


The note verbale should state the name of the government official, official designation, the government authority or office being represented, and the destination and purpose of the official travel to the Philippines.


It is preferable that the note verbale include with it the completed non-immigrant visa application form albeit this requirement may be waived by the Head of the Consular Section.

Note: The 9(e) visa is issued only when the travel to the Philippines is official in nature. Holders of diplomatic or official passports who intend to travel to the Philippines for personal reasons should apply instead for a 9(a) or 9(b) visa.