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Requirements and Procedures

Renewal of Expired or Expiring Passport

  1. Passport  Application Form, duly accomplished and signed by applicant, or if applicant is below eight (8) years old, signed by a Filipino parent or the legal guardian (who must present proof of guardianship), with the minor applicant affixing left and right thumb prints;
  2. Expired or expiring passport (most recent) must be presented for inspection before new passport is processed and for cancellation upon issuance of new passport (cancelled passport is returned to applicant);
  3. One (1) photocopy of the passport data page and all pages stamped by immigration authorities where applicant has traveled must be included with the passport application form;
  4. Three (3) identical 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm photos that comply with the following:
    • taken with white background;
    • taken within the last six (6) months;
    • showing full front view of applicant's face;
    • applicant in decent attire (with collar and sleeves);
    • preferably without glasses (or if with glasses, must have no reflections);
    • male applicant should have no earrings
  5. Documentary proof of middle name (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, valid identification card, etc.), in case applicant is renewing the obsolete brown-colored passport;
  6. Personal appearance of applicant is required, except:
    • if applicant is below eight (8) years old, in which case application must be filed in person by a parent or legal guardian (with proof of guardianship);
    • if applicant is over sixty-five (65) years old, in which case application must be filed in person by an authorized next of kin; or
    • if applicant is incapacitated (mentally or physically), in which case application must be filed in person by an authorized representative who must show medical certification regarding applicant's condition; and
  7. Authorization letter signed by passport applicant and designating representative is required in the three exceptions cited in preceding paragraph.

Additional Requirements for Special Cases

Aside from the requirements for the renewal of expired or expiring passports, or the replacement of lost or damaged passports, additional requirements apply to Filipino household service workers (HSWs) and seafarers.

Important: Upon completing the requirements, submit your documents to the Consular Section for inspection. Your application may not be processed if there are missing requirements. Pay the applicable fees to the Cashier (Collecting Officer) after the Consular Assistant has checked your documents. Make sure you get the official receipt with the date of release stamped on it as you will need this to claim your new passport.