Report of Birth

The report of birth is a declaration by the informant of the facts and circumstances regarding the birth of a child abroad where at least one of the parents is a Filipino citizen at the time of birth. The report shall be executed by either one of the parents, preferably by the Filipino parent, or by the attending physician or nurse, including as supporting document, if available, the Certificate of Birth issued and authenticated by the relevant local civil authority or government office.

Like the report of marriage, the report of birth will be forwarded by the Embassy to the NSO to provide an official record of the birth abroad and to serve as primary reference of the status as a Filipino citizen of the child born abroad with such rights as provided by law.

Applicable Fees

  • JOD 18.750 (USD 25.00) for the Report of Birth
  • JOD 18.750 (USD 25.00) for the Authentication of the Certificate of Birth
  • JOD 18.750 (USD 25.00) for each supporting affidavit

Forms to Use

You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to be able to download and read the forms. After download, you may either:

  • type in the information required directly on your computer and then print out the completed forml or
  • print out the form first and fill in the required information by hand
Report of Birth
Use this form to report the facts regarding the birth of a child abroad who has at least one Filipino parent.
Civil Registration_Birth.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 879.6 KB
Affidavit of Delayed Report of Birth
Use this form if you are reporting more than six (6) months after the date of birth of the child born abroad.

Note: It is best to use A4-size paper. Information entered directly on the form using your computer cannot be saved. Make sure you can print out the completed form at once.


  1. Report of Birth form (FA Form No. 40), duly accomplished in quadruplicate by Filipino parent, preferably the mother (if printing form yourself, please make sure to print four originals for submission);
  2. Original birth certificate issued by the Civil Status and Passports Department of Jordan (or its equivalent under the Palestinian National Authority) and four (4) photocopies with each bearing the original stamp and signature of the authorized authentication officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  3. Valid passports of the parents, actual passports to be presented at the Consular Section with four (4) photocopies;
  4. Proof of marital status of parents, such as NSO-issued marriage certificate or copy of Report of Marriage properly filed and validated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where marriage was solemnized;
  5. Affidavit of Acknowledgement/Admission of Paternity if parents are unmarried but father wishes to acknowledge or admit paternity of the child;
  6. Affidavit to Allow Use of Surname of Father if parents are unmarried but father consents to the use of his surname by the child;
  7. Affidavit of Delayed Report of Birth if report is filed more than twelve (12) months from date of birth


  1. Fill in all required information on the report of birth form;
  2. Once completed, submit form with all requirements stated above to the Consular Section;
  3. If found to be in order, pay the applicable fees to the Cashier;
  4. Check if official receipt issued reflects correct payment and indicates date of release of processed document;
  5. Release of processed document is normally the next working day


  • One (1) original to the reporting party, i.e., either of the parents;
  • Two (2) originals to be sent to the Department of Foreign Affairs, with one of these retained on file at the Office of Consular Affairs-Consular Records Division and the other to be forwarded to the National Statistics Office; and
  • One (1) original in the custody of the Embassy Records Officer

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