Marriage Between Foreigner and Filipino (Philippines)

If the foreign contracting party and the Filipino contracting party intend to get married in the Philippines, they are to submit all documentary requirements instead to the Civil Registrar of the municipality or city in the Philippines where the marriage is to take place upon their application for a marriage license.

Requirements for the Foreign Contracting Party

To save time and avoid any major inconveniences, the foreign contracting party is advised to make sure that the following requirements are ready before traveling to the Philippines:

  1. Original birth certificate (with official English translation if in other language) of foreign contracting party duly authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his or her country and this Embassy's Consular Section;
  2. Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage to be issued by the Embassy or Consulate in the Philippines of the foreign contracting party; and
  3. Written consent of first wife (if foreign contracting party is a previously married Muslim man) duly notarized and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or Embassy of foreign contracting party in Jordan

It is also advisable that the foreign contracting party prepare certified true copies (with English translations if necessary) of his or her passport, national identification card, and family book. Originals must also be brought along during the trip to the Philippines.


  1. Once the foreign contracting party has arrived in the Philippines, he or she shall apply with the Filipino contracting party for a marriage license at the Civil Registrar of the place where the marriage is to take place;
  2. The marriage license is not required for those who are getting married under the Islamic faith;
  3. Please note that not all religious officials (e.g. priests, imams, rabbis, ministers) are authorized to solemnize marriages, but only those who are registered with the Civil Registrar-General;
  4. Keep in mind also that issuance of the marriage license has to comply with the ten (10) day publication period; and
  5. Finally, note that the requirements presented here pertain only to the civil aspect of marriage under Philippine law and that those who intend to have a church wedding or marriage rites under other religions may have to comply with additional requirements.