2012 Annual Summer Sportsfest Culminates

The 2012 Annual Summer Sportsfest organized by the Federation of the Filipino Organizations (Fil-Org) in Jordan officially ended on 24 August 2012 at the Collegium Terrae Sanctae in Jabal Al-Weibdeh, Ammanwith the awarding ceremony graced by Ambassador Olivia V. Palala. This was the first Filipino community event attended by Ambassador Palala since she arrived and assumed Post on 31 July 2012. She was warmly welcomed by the FilCom leaders and the whole community. The welcoming ceremony was followed by a buffet lunch.

Ambassador Olivia V. Palala
Ambassador Olivia V. Palala

The most coveted basketball and volleyball championship trophies were awarded to the New Better Place Group (Basketball) and the Phil-Jor Group (Volleyball). Other group awardees included the Dynamics Group (First Place - Basketball), Workers Association of Wadi Saqra (WAWS) Group (Second Place - Basketball), Strikers Group (First Place – Volleyball) and WAWS Group (Second Place – Volleyball).


The three-month long sports competition, held every Friday since 11 May 2012, provided a venue not only for the Filipino community in Jordan to strengthen its camaraderie and rapport with one another, but also for the Embassy of the Philippines, Amman to conduct overseas absentee voting (OAV) registration at the same time, making it easier and more accessible for the Filipino workers in Jordan.