The Embassy of the Philippines in Amman held its Team Building Activity from 20-21 October 2016 (Thursday-Friday) in Wadi Rum, Jordan.  Wadi Rum, also known as The Valley of the Moon, is the largest desert valley in Jordan, covering 720 sq. kms. of Jordan’s desert.  Wadi Rum became known worldwide due to Lawrence of Arabia and is a favorite location of film shootings depicting Mars. A total of 21 participants from Amman PE participated in the event.


Several team building activities were organized to meet the following objectives: 1) To create team bonding and trust building 2) to develop the innovation, leadership and creativity skills of each employee 3) to know each other better and establish deeper friendship for better teamwork 4) To motivate each participant to work better 5) To achieve effective communication and decision-making skills and 5) To manage time properly and solve organizational problems.


The team had recreation and cultural activities such as mountain climbing and camel ride and had a meditation session in order to release the stress from work and rejuvenate the spirit.  The team also had a glimpse of Bedouin life and culture through a cooking demonstration of zarb, a Bedouin style barbecue with vegetables cooked in a large underground pit.  They also had the opportunity to tour around Wadi Rum and learn more of Jordan’s history and natural beauty.  The group also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Hasan Hwetat, lead actor of the Oscar-winning Jordanian film “Theeb” which was set in Wadi Rum.