19 January 2017, Amman - Members of the ASEAN Committee in Amman (ACA) delivered a lecture on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) on 18 January 2017 at the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy (JID).  The event was organized by JID headed by Ambassador Lina Arafat.


The lecture was among the last activities of the ACA before the turn-over of the chairmanship from the Philippines to Brunei Darussalam. It was also the second installment of the ASEAN Lecture Series at the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy which started with the lecture on Arabic and Islamic Influences in the ASEAN Region by Dean Macrina Morados of the UP Institute of Islamic Studies in October 2016.


Ambassador Nooradin bin Yaakob of Brunei Darussalam introduced ASEAN to the audience, which was composed of the members of the legislature, Arab thinkers and academics, Jordanian government employees, officials and former diplomats and staff of ASEAN embassies in Amman.  Ambassador Zakri bin Jaafar of Malaysia discussed the ASEAN Community and the undersigned spoke on ASEAN at 50 and the theme and priorities during the chairmanship of the Philippines in 2017.  Ambassador Luay Al Khashman, President of Jordan-Indonesia Friendship Association, also shared his experience as former Jordanian Ambassador to Indonesia.


The event was also part of the ASEAN awareness campaign of ACA since ASEAN as a regional organization is barely known in Jordan. END.