High voter turnout as overseas absentee voting enters second week

The Philippine Embassy in Amman saw sustained high voter turnout for the 2010 elections as the overseas absentee voting period entered its second week. Vice Consul Jeffrey P. Salik, chair of the Embassy's Special Board of Election Inspectors, reported that over 12 percent of the 2,437 registered overseas absentee voters in Jordan have already cast their votes after only nine voting days since the overseas absentee voting period began on 10 April 2010.

Meanwhile, the Embassy continued to encourage Filipinos in Jordan to exercise their right to vote through special announcements in various community events. Fr. Kevin O'Connell, S.J., of the English-speaking parish community in Jordan has included a reminder for his Filipino parishioners to vote before he concludes every mass. Ms. Evangeline Ybo, President of the Federation of Filipino Organizations in Jordan (FilOrg-Jordan), also said that reminders about the overseas voting period are repeatedly broadcast over the public address system in the ongoing sportsfest held every Friday in Amman and participated in by FilOrg-Jordan member organizations.

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