First day of the OAV Election Period 2010

In a display of leadership by example, Philippine Ambassador to Jordan Julius D. Torres cast the first vote at 9:10 am on 10 April 2010 in Amman as the OAV election period for the 2010 national elections began. Some Embassy officers and staff, together with family members, also came to the Embassy to cast their respective votes.

Ms. Evangeline Ybo, President of the Federation of Filipino Organizations in Jordan (FilOrg-Jordan), also set a good example for the entire Filipino community by being one of the early voters during the first voting day. FilOrg-Jordan is composed of 18 Filipino organizations in Jordan with approximately 600 active members in all.

To motivate registered voters to exercise their right to vote, Ambassador Torres announced weeks earlier that he would give a special citation to the Filipino organization with the most number of members who voted. Organizations with fewer members will also vie for a special citiation to be given to the one with the highest percentage of its members exercising their right to vote.

At the end of the first voting day, thirty-six (36) registered voters had cast their votes. Of the 36, five were members of SMART, a FilOrg-Jordan member organization. This gave SMART the early to win one of the special citations.

The precinct closed at exactly 5:00 pm that day with Ms. Amelia S. Sayno as the last voter who dropped her completed ballot into the ballot box at about 4:15 pm.

Ambassador Torres hopes to see higher daily voter turn out in the coming days, especially since the Special Board of Election Inspectors always remind early voters to tell their friends to exercise their right to vote. Other Embassy officers and staff also continue to disseminate information to the Filipino community about the election and remind them that they could come to the Embassy every day, including Fridays and Saturdays, to cast their votes.