Christmas Message from the Secretary

Secretary Alberto G. Romulo
Secretary Alberto G. Romulo

Christmas happens only once a year but in the Department of Foreign Affairs, we strive to bring a sense of Christmas to people we serve every single day.

We bring intangible gifts for the Filipino people - courage, patriotism and selfless service.

Our foreign service officers and employees continue to fight for our national interests.  They tirelessly defend and protect the rights of our Filipino migrants and overseas workers.  They uplift the image of the Philippines in order to bring economic opportunities home.

We continue to strengthen the bridges we have built throughout the world, partnering with different institutions and cooperating with nations and international organizations in order to advance our interests and to achieve peace and prosperity.

Our dynamic foreign service corps actively participates in relevant global issues such as counter-terrorism, migration, climate change, and interfaith dialogue. They pursue all of these endeavors with the goal of a better Philippines.

This year, extraordinary challenges the likes of Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng once again tested our deep faith and resilience as a people.  Rising to meet these adversities as one nation, everyone reached out to restore what was lost and rebuild what was shattered.  In the spirit of unity and nationhood, the DFA rallied Filipinos all over the world, our bilateral partners and the international community to share in the task of uplifting the Philippines.

At the heart of the foreign service lies a deep love for country and for others. This is also the core message of the nativity – God's deep love for the world that he gave us his only son for our deliverance.

A lesson for all of us to remember is that Christmas is the time to open our hearts to the lowly and downtrodden. Even Jesus was once a migrant and a refugee in Egypt. Yet, through him, the greatest covenant between God and humanity was forged - the covenant of salvation. Let us all endeavor to keep the spirit of Christmas as bright as the star of Bethlehem within us as we work together for peace, hope and love for the world.

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon!

                                                                          (Sgd.) ALBERTO G. ROMULO

                                                                            Secretary of Foreign Affairs